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Web Mining Services is located in Chicago, IL. Our mission is to provide people with the information they need, in the format that makes it most useful, for free.

We are part of thelibraproject.com, which is committed to harnessing the power of data for all.
Our services will filter the web down to a simple extract you can make sense of

For Individuals For Businesses
  • Online sales listings
  • Contact or location information
  • Retailer sales notifications
  • Website screen scraping
  • Structured extracts in any format of any public web information
  • and more...
  • Competitor website monitoring
  • Sales leads profiles
  • Candidate profiling
  • Social media sentiment analysis
  • Extraction of any critical information required to run your business
  • and more...
Web Mining Services is your personal data encyclopedia...

-- When is Macy's having a sale?
-- Has my competitor's website changed in the last week, month, year?
-- Where do they sell gluten-free beer in NYC?
-- What is the address of every Dairy Queen in the country?
-- What is the price of GOOG every minute of the trading day?
-- When is the best time to buy golf clubs on eBay?
For all these questions and more, Web Mining Services can help you distill the power of the web. The internet contains all the information you need. We can help you get it into a format you can handle.
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